• Based on customer's technology we provide designs and technical documentation for machines as well as equipment in metallurgy and in machine-building industry.
  • Together with our partners we can provide a complete engineering from base planning till test working.
  • We make 2D designs with AutoCAD program or 3D models with SolidEdge or Inventor .
  • Stress-deformations and tempereture calculations are done with ANSYS
  • Examples of calculatons are here

TBJ makes designs of:

  • Mill Stands for plate and profiles,
  • Coilers and down coilers for hot plate,
  • Saws for cutting section larger dimensions,
  • Cooling beds for long products,
  • Finishing line (cutting and packing) profiles and plates,
  • Lines and subgroups of lines for along and cross-cutting plates (shears, pre-levellers, coilers, transport rollers and tables, side cut),
  • Single parts for Continuous Casting (segments, mould, oscillator, manipulator, stand guide, medias supply on this machines)
  • Steckel furnace,
  • Supply for various equipment and lines with medias (hydraulic oil, cooling water, compressed air, lubrication

Our Projects: Mittal

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